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Since the year 1997, Xara began a spiritual channelling process which brought her to receive visions and insights about a Parallel World she claims we are moving into in the near future - a world which is millions, if not billions of light years ahead in space and time from us. It is called, “The Royal Celeste Kingdom”.

The Tibetans have always told stories about a mythical world of light, which they instead call “Shambala”. Some say Shambala is a fabulous land, hidden somewhere beyond the snow peaks of the Himalayas, inhabited by enlightened beings. Others instead believe it lies deep within the core of the Earth. The truth is that Shambala is outside and within our very bodies: an extraordinary Parallel Reality which is visionary or spiritual as well as physical and geographic. It’s another way of existing in another dimension which is here, in our same world, only it vibrates beyond the reach of our traditional five senses.

When Jesus said that He didn’t belong to this world because, if He did, we would have recognized Him, He was talking about this other world where He has been King since the beginning of time.

It wasn’t easy for The Seven Masters of the Star of David to bring their messages to 3d Earth three hundred years in advance.

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